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Recently added songs

Song : Afuna Banja ft Charisma (Prod. Henwood)
Artist : Toast
Genre : Dancehall
Jolo Justice
Song : Tikondane
Artist : Jolo Justice
Genre : Afrobeat
Osie K
Song : Tasendela (Feat. Capital Gal)
Artist : Osie K
Genre : Afro-Pop
Harris Chiwalo
Song : Musayimbe Nawo
Artist : Harris Chiwalo
Genre : Gospel
Vybez Killer
Song : Mutengeni
Artist : Vybez Killer
Genre : Dancehall
Henry Masamba
Song : Umbombo feat Andy Seko
Artist : Henry Masamba
Genre : Local
Song : L-City Boyfriend (Feat. RightBuddy)
Artist : SaGACity
Genre : Rap
Peter Sambo
Song : Ndamuyesa Yesu (Feat. Allan Chirwa)
Artist : Peter Sambo
Genre : Gospel
Snag Bomaye
Song : UWRE Cypher Vol. 1
Artist : Snag Bomaye
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Sitinyumwa feat Kay Stevoh [Prod. Warge Records]
Artist : Spaitai
Genre : Dancehall
Henry Masamba
Song : Sopo [Prod. DJ Sley]
Artist : Henry Masamba
Genre : Gospel
Song : Fighting Love feat T-Slaice [Prod Nofix & King DuDa]
Artist : Nofix
Genre : RnB
Song : Sindiyimva feat Evidence (Prod. King Duda)
Artist : Nofix
Genre : Afro-Pop
Pasha De Mwa
Song : Baddest Ting [Feat. Bugha Suhverto Mw & Young Christa] (Prod. DJ Wimbe)
Artist : Pasha De Mwa
Genre : Dancehall
Zang  Kay
Song : Mufuna Chani feat Gibo Lantos & Dai Busy [Prod. Warge]
Artist : Zang Kay
Genre : Dancehall