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Recently added songs

Song : Mbambande
Artist : Acoustick
Genre : Afrobeat
War Cross
Song : Gwede Gwede (Feat. King Labash) (Prod. by X Fecta)
Artist : War Cross
Genre : Dancehall
Ex Tama
Song : Umakwana ft Bucci & Sineorita
Artist : Ex Tama
Genre : Afrobeat
Wanga Kid
Song : Misala (Feat. Vube and Brian Kay)
Artist : Wanga Kid
Genre : Afro-Pop
Bossaro Music Group
Song : Carry On [Feat Rina] (Prod by Daredevilz & Manje)
Artist : Bossaro Music Group
Genre : Hip Hop
Luv C
Song : Bae-linda feat. ProVoice [Prod. Cuff B]
Artist : Luv C
Genre : Afro-Pop
Song : My Man feat. Malinga [Prod. Dj Sley]
Artist : Sangie
Genre : Reggae
Song : Its Gonna Be (Prod. DareDevilz)
Artist : Jazmin
Genre : Pop
Song : Mtendere Wa Mu Mtima (Feat. Hope Cizo) (Prod. by Janta)
Artist : Halo-B
Genre : Afro-Pop
Song : Padzantengera Matenda ft Post Negative
Artist : Avokado
Genre : Local
Song : Party Time
Artist : Crazy-P
Genre : Dancehall
Joe Santiago
Song : Letter To You Boo (Feat. Caesar and D Troy)
Artist : Joe Santiago
Genre : Rap
Song : Phala La Soya (Feat. Jaisa)
Artist : Trinta
Genre : RnB
Song : Mumakwana (Feat. Gremmer
Artist : Trinta
Genre : RnB
Song : Zayenda [Feat Macelba & Janta] (Prod by Janta)
Artist : Jumany
Genre : RnB