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Recently added songs

Song : Ndikuthoka Ndi Anthu Akufa
Artist : Crispy
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Lakolo ft Tymz
Artist : Saki
Genre : Afro-Pop
J.O Farenheit
Song : Balanced
Artist : J.O Farenheit
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Marathon ft Ace Dirty
Artist : Fredokiss
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Kalata ft Nepman
Artist : Slessor
Genre : Afrobeat
Song : I Do
Artist : Sipe
Genre : Afro-Pop
Andy Musiq
Song : Wadya Mfulumira ft Blaze and Saint
Artist : Andy Musiq
Genre : Afro-Pop
Song : Mwezi Uwale
Artist : Piksy
Genre : Afro-Pop
Song : Ka Khobidi ft Capital Gal (Prod By Dj Sley)
Artist : Agwede
Genre : Afrobeat
Tsar leo
Song : Something For Something
Artist : Tsar leo
Genre : RnB
Song : Ntulire Yesu (Osadandur) ft Kitson
Artist : Khetwayo
Genre : Gospel
Billy Christ
Song : Yohane
Artist : Billy Christ
Genre : Reggae
Sam Smak
Song : Mulesi ft Fame Zick
Artist : Sam Smak
Genre : RnB
Sam Smak
Song : I Cant Get Out ft Nepman
Artist : Sam Smak
Genre : RnB
Muhanya & Taddja
Song : Gwenembe
Artist : Muhanya & Taddja
Genre : Folk