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Recently added songs

Captain Charlie
Song : Marry Me (Feat. Janta)
Artist : Captain Charlie
Genre : Afro-Pop
Captain Charlie
Song : Ndinayesetsa
Artist : Captain Charlie
Genre : Afro-Pop
Andy Seko
Song : Usova
Artist : Andy Seko
Genre : Gospel
Song : Panel Beater (Feat. Nesnes)
Artist : Predoman
Genre : Afrobeat
Nomo Cooper
Song : Sera Mwana Wa Teacher (Feat. Zid)
Artist : Nomo Cooper
Genre : RnB
Jay Prince
Song : Fiona
Artist : Jay Prince
Genre : Fusion
Yung P
Song : Don't Deny (Prod. by Charxy Bandry)
Artist : Yung P
Genre : Afro-Pop
Magga Mw
Song : Banana
Artist : Magga Mw
Genre : Dancehall
Crispy Malawi
Song : WCW (Feat. Ill Mind)
Artist : Crispy Malawi
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Dabulo Dabulo (feat Nepman)
Artist : Hilco
Genre : Afro-Pop
Young LT
Song : Pepa Nono (feat Prinzy and Astrol)
Artist : Young LT
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Coca-Cola
Artist : [Swish]a
Genre : Hip Hop
Jay Mphaa
Song : Am A Missionary
Artist : Jay Mphaa
Genre : Hip Hop
Michael Swiift
Song : Day Ones [Prod. Blakk T]
Artist : Michael Swiift
Genre : Hip Hop
West Cole
Song : Malawi Wa Lero
Artist : West Cole
Genre : Afro-Pop