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Recently added songs

P.I.G (Pampene Alliance)
Song : No Go Zone [Prod. DJ Wimbe & KenLo]
Artist : P.I.G (Pampene Alliance)
Genre : Dancehall
Song : Kokha (Prod. Chance)
Artist : Vube
Genre : Afrobeat
Song : Nkamwini feat Charxy Bandry
Artist : RG
Genre : Local
Abambo AB
Song : Good Life ft Barry One and Dan Lu
Artist : Abambo AB
Genre : Hip Hop
Bensam Ent
Song : Iti Iti feat. Crispy Malawi, ILL Mind, Dette Flo [Prod. JM x Anjelz]
Artist : Bensam Ent
Genre : Hip Hop
Capital Gal
Song : Tinkanena [feat. DSMG]
Artist : Capital Gal
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Malawi [Zakwathu]
Artist : Temwah
Genre : Afro-Pop
J Recks
Song : Nachi [Prod. Chance & Slyc]
Artist : J Recks
Genre : RnB
Wakisa James
Song : Someday (LegOvaCover)
Artist : Wakisa James
Genre : RnB
Zaheer Zims
Song : 100 Reasons
Artist : Zaheer Zims
Genre : Rap
Ancient Genna
Song : Dutty People (Prod. by King Duda)
Artist : Ancient Genna
Genre : Dancehall
Kenn Leader
Song : Johannesburg Cypher (Black C, Handcuff, Kenzy Mw, Clay B, Ezra D, Kenn Leader, Black Chamber, Fundi K, Otee D.O, Hash D & Anday Mafia)
Artist : Kenn Leader
Genre : Hip Hop
Song : Alinane (Prod. by Prosper)
Artist : Chris
Genre : Reggae
King Klek
Song : Freestyle (Feat. T-Strategy, Drey, Boi Shuko and Groovy)
Artist : King Klek
Genre : Rap
The Fame and Big D
Song : Akazi Ena ft Young D
Artist : The Fame and Big D
Genre : Rap