Desert Igwe - She Dey Be

Desert Igwe

She Dey Be

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Song name : She Dey Be
Artist name : Desert Igwe
Album name : She Dey Be
Length : 04:10
Genre : Afro-Pop
Label : Independent
Type : mp3
Size : 4.07Mb
Added on : 2014-11-21 15:04:26
Played : 5620

Downloaded 2438 times

Songwriters : Desert Eagle, Don Foxxy

Review :

"She Dey Be" translates to she is nice (, on point, beautiful, perfect)

Desert eagle has come up with his own sound which is sort of a mix of afro pop with a reggae/dancehall twist to it. The result is a bit more than pleasant making this song one of the hottest songs going into the festive season!

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