Maskal - M'Nyumba Mwanga


M'Nyumba Mwanga

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Song name : M'Nyumba Mwanga
Artist name : Maskal
Album name : Promo Singles
Length : 03:42
Genre : RnB
Label : Independent
Type : mp3
Size : 4.24Mb
Added on : 2015-11-24 18:54:21
Played : 31052

Downloaded 45047 times

Songwriters : Maskal, OB

Review : M'Nyumba Mwanga is one of Maskal's single releases as he releases some music which is to be featured on his upcoming 2016 album. "M'Nyumba Yanga" is a song about a young man ready to change his bachelor lifestyle to a more settled way of life
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