K2B Block - Sinzatheka ft Trap Squad

K2B Block

Sinzatheka ft Trap Squad

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Song name : Sinzatheka ft Trap Squad
Artist name : K2B Block
Album name : K2B Block Music
Length : 06:19
Genre : Hip Hop
Size : 5.79Mb
Added on : 2014-11-11 17:52:29
Played : 21032

Downloaded 23387 times

Songwriters : K2B, Trap Squad, Stich Fray

Review :

K2B links up with Chavula, Revolver and Stich Fray to follow up on their smash single, Anzao Amasteni, with this street anthem. Enjoy!

Previous Song : Anzao A Masteni (Feat Dirty Flow)
Next Song : Barabus

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