Blakjak Che-Kalonda - Ulindine ft Piksy

Blakjak Che-Kalonda

Ulindine ft Piksy

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Song name : Ulindine ft Piksy
Artist name : Blakjak Che-Kalonda
Album name : Che Kalonda
Length : 04:18
Genre : Dancehall
Type : mp3
Size : 242.24kb
Added on : 2014-04-13 18:59:37
Played : 36702

Downloaded 33375 times

Songwriters : Blakjak, Piksy, BFB

Review :

Ulindine is the 1st single from Blakjaks new album, Che Kalonda. The song was produced by BFB and features Piksy.

Next Song : Ukhale Wanga ft Tigris

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