David Marama

David Marama

Genre : Fusion, City : Melbourne, Country : Malawi

David Marama born in Likoma, Malawi up in Tanzania and is now based in Melbourne. David’s music career started in Malawi and developed further whilst living in Tanzania. As a guitarist and vocalist he participated in many ventures including the Sound of Hope, Watafiti , Super Africa and others. With Watafiti, David was part of a research project to develop and promote traditional and contemporary music styles in Tanzania. WATAFITI’s debut CD “UMOJA” was recorded in 1984 at the Frontline Studios in Harare. This led to the formation of the Radio France 1991 “Grand Prix” awardee super band TATUNANE which he co-managed. In Australia, David has played with Clan Swahili, Musiki Manjaro, Royal Swazi Spa, Milton and the Public Opinion Afro Orchestra among others. He has played major festivals in Australia including St Kilda, Blues Festival, Big Day Out, Falls, Moomba, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and others!


Another Day
Another Day
# of songs : 1
Genre : Fusion
Year : 2018
Country : Malawi
Type : CD
Review : David Marama : 2018, Melbourne “Another Day” cd and Ep45 https://davidmarama.bandcamp.com/album/another-day with various studio videos of making of “Another Day”

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