Anthony James Matapa

Anthony James Matapa

Genre : Afrobeat, City : Lilongwe, Country : Malawi

Anthony James Matapa is a blind local Malawi musician who plays along with Mayamiko Phiri, a member of his Band. The Chingonjeso Band. Together with the band they play positive music to communicate to Malawians and the world. Matapa plays a self-made guitar. After completing his form four school learning certificate from Malingunde School of the Blind, he made the guitar so that it could be keeping him company then. He lost his sight in his teens due to cancer. AJ Matapa started playing with the Band is 2015 after teaching one of its members how to play guitar and drums. Early 2016 they started playing music outside his house and late after learning that people enjoyed their music they took a step further and started playing their music is the streets of Lilongwe. Here is what he says; “I wake up in the morning with a song, I reach out to my guitar to hear how it could sound to my ears and before I know it, it’s a good one. I love this and I’m happy; I look forward to bring the some to everyone who hears my music.”


# of songs : 1
Genre : Local
Year : 2019
Country :
Type : Single

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