Tanaka - Mbatata



Album name : Mbatata
Artist name : Tanaka
Genre : Fusion
Year : 2018

1 . Mbatata ft V.I.C, Hamjee, Tawina & Khoh Gomzy

Review : TANAKA really likes Mbatata and Bonya! This is the second single by TANAKA Hisakazu(Japanese) with his Malawian friends(Hamjee, V.I.C, Tawina), recorded by Khoh Gomzy. TANAKA sings songs in Chichewa, while his Malawian friends sing in Japanese language, in English and also in Chichewa. Surprisingly, they are exchanging their languages each other! TANAKA is expressing his happy feelings in Malawi in "Mbatata" song. Same as his first single "Jump Rope", this track also has wonderful video, don't miss it!

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