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Sage Poet - Alchemy

Sage Poet


Album name : Alchemy
Artist name : Sage Poet
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Bass & Truth
Year : 2018

1 . Valley Of Dry Bones

2 . Moor Or Less

3 . Martyrs

4 . Game Of Death

5 . The Sun People And The Ice People

6 . Melanin Monroe

7 . Pandoras Box

8 . Let Our Voices Echo

9 . Elixir Of Immortality

10 . Highest Salute

Review : Sage Poet’s “Alchemy” is All Bars and Boombap Sage Poet is and will remain in your conversation of top selection for one of the greatest rappers to ever emerge from Malawi. With over a decade in the game, the revered emcee exists in a class of rappers that live for the craft of stitching syllables and intriguing flows. Sage Poet’s flow is like a steady, uninterrupted stream down a valley, taking you on a journey to where ever his vocabulary sets coarse. After spending years rapping, the Lilongwe native has teamed up with equally groundbreaking producer Justus (Bass & Truth) to release Alchemy, his fifth studio project. The album’s title and format are true to Sage Poet’s character as an MC, always demanding attention when the decibels are added. His lyrical talent is so pure and his approach is all about craft. In terms of content, Sage Poet's bars reflect the same line of Black mindfulness and entertainment, sprawling imagery and fantasy that make him such a pleasure to listen to. First and foremost, Alchemy serves as a reminder that authentic bars and Boombap beats still make the head nod. “….If you are a gym junky, you can refer to Alchemy as Sage Poet’s lyrical set day (when you focus strictly on one part of the body) where nothing else matters than the words in motion. On Alchemy, he flexes his storytelling muscles with his bars revealing his African consciousness and personal retrospect of the culture he represents and guards proudly…”

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