Fredokiss - Kunditcha Fredo


Kunditcha Fredo

Album name : Kunditcha Fredo
Artist name : Fredokiss
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Lo Budget
Year : 2012

1 . Intro

2 . Malamulo Khumi Amu Ghetto

3 . Kunditcha Fredo

4 . Usalire Mfana ft Jolly Bro

5 . Zimangochitika

6 . What Ever You Like ft JB

7 . I Know You Got A Boyfriend ft Click & 4Sight

8 . Look No More

9 . Ndikatseka Maso

10 . Sizotheka ft GD

11 . Phokoso

12 . Happy Place ft Juanita

13 . Nice Shorty ft X-Cole & 4Sight

14 . Basi ft Jasco & Slim

15 . Wooza ft Jasco [Bonus]

16 . Nambewe w Ace Dirty [Bonus]

17 . Ghetto Christmas ft Ace Dirty [Bonus]

Review :

Fredokiss debut album titled "Kunditcha Fredo" is a masterpiece compilation of characteristics of Malawi's youth mentality. The album was released on 22 May 2012 at Shire Highlands Hotel. The launch itself was a great success with many other artists showing up to support Fredokiss on the stage. Fredokiss is not a new name in Urban Malawi especially in the Hip=Hop scene, he has had a couple of his singles playing on the top radio stations in Malawi. This album contains some of the popular hits that are currently being played in Malawi, including the controversial "Ndikatseka Maso" (Watch video) and the club hit "Kunditcha Fredo" (Watch video). Fredokiss has recorded two videos for this album which are also available here and on Youtube. In an interview Fredokiss said "This will be the moment for me to prove to Malawians that I am made of a sterner stuff in music. I want to show that hip hop is more that an urban movement. I want Malawians to appreciate how hip hop music can be a powerful social force in the country."

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