Code Sangala - Solo

Code Sangala


Album name : Solo
Artist name : Code Sangala
Genre : Afro-Pop
Label : Diverse Entertainment
Year : 2013

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1 . C-Intro-Muli Bwanji
2 . Kumadziore (Feat Marco Sadik and Akamwire)
3 . Ndiwe Remix ft Piksy
4 . When You Go Away (Feat Third Eye)
5 . Anthu Awiri
6 . Tithana
7 . Linda Madzi ( Feat Crystal Tetey)
8 . Ndiwe
9 . Want More (Feat Don Dice & Tay Grin)
10 . Okongola Ndiwe
11 . Get That Money
12 . C-Outro-Di! Di! Di!
13 . Ruwa Rangu (Bonus Track) (Feat Bertha Zakeyo)
14 . Want More Remix ft Fada Wayne

Review :

SOLO is a complete blend of traditional “tradistic” Malawi music elements with a touch of contemporary African Jazz, dance, soft rock and rnb. The album displays C.O’s music diversity and growth away from Kapirintiya. In his own words; C.O describes the recording process as fun, emotional, spiritual,” tradistic” and unique experience ever. The album will also feature Tay Grin, Don Dice, Piksy.

Rating :

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