Desert Eagle - Open Cage

Desert Eagle

Open Cage

Album name : Open Cage
Artist name : Desert Eagle
Genre : Reggae
Label : Kryptonium Records
Year : 2011

1 . Be Proud (Feat Ghost Rissah & Kenny Klips)

2 . Envy Me (Feat Prolifik)

3 . Gone (Feat Young Kay)

4 . Pen & Pad

5 . The Realness (Feat Prolifik & Gibble)

6 . Unstopabble (Feat Prolifik)

7 . What A Flirt (Feat Mode9, Young Kay)

8 . Hillz ft St Bosseratti, Toppa Ranks (Headz Of State)

9 . Temptation ft Johnny Willz

10 . I Do ft Incyt

11 . Low Budget ft Jolly Bro

12 . Miss You ft Dan Lu and Johnny Willz

Review :

Open Cage was Desert Eagle's debut album on Kryptonium Records. This album features a bevy of artists that include Jeddie I, Dan Lu, Johnny Willz, Jolly Bro, Incyt, St Bosseratti and Toppa Ranks (from Headz of State). The melting pot of creativity makes this album an interesting musical journey of Rap, Reggae, Rnb & Dancehall

Rating :

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